did you thank god for mascherano yet 


cbs wishlist:

  • Laporte
  • Aymeric Laporte
  • that french guy in athletic
  • did I mention Laporte??

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lost count of the wasted chances, the shattered dreams *sheds a solemn tear*

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[…] We could talk and talk and talk. But none of this would alter the fact that when Barcelona are good – and they are good pretty often, too – when that bunch of unlikely heroes, men who look nothing like the chiselled demi-gods fielded by other teams at first sight; when those players, short, squat and bandy-legged, upholders of the grand Barca, really get their act together, you know that if there was a god, she would be a Barca fan. One can only really follow her lead. (+ quote)

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