"But if there was no Barcelona why would you get out of bed in the morning?"

—Ray Hudson (via dastardlypale)

"Whaaaa…Are you kidding me? This man has absolutely made love to pure footballing magic that belongs in a different galaxy altogether than we are living in. Absolute astonishing, jaw-dropping genius from Lionel. Watch this hesitation right there. Three players inside a telephone box and he don’t care. He emasculates them individually, collectively. He literally disperses his atoms inside of his body on one side of this defender and then collects them on the other. Magisterial, Lionel! Magnifico! Extraordinario! Barcelona bounce back, Messi leading the way with his brilliant blaugrana flag. It’s on fire, and he sticks it into the hearts of Athletic Bilbao" - Ray Hudson

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21 july 2013 Open letter from Tito Vilanova (x)

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’ one of the unforgettable moments ‘  x

Marco Reus - Details

top 9 pictures of cesc fabregas 
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it’s never safe until it’s 4-0 and there’s 5 seconds left

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